Posted by: alenegeed | March 13, 2010

Alene’s Adornments First Post!!

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So I finally entered the 21st century and have created a Blog. I will update this with facts about gemstones, info on my designs and upcoming shows, Motivational slogans, How color affects our lives… and anything else that I think will be interesting to you.

Starfish Jewelry Collection

Starfish, Make a Difference StoryA man was walking towards the beach early in the morning and noticed a small boy running along the beach. He was picking up starfish that had washed up on the shore and throwing them into the water. As there were hundreds of starfish and only small boy, the man realized the futility of the boy’s task. He yelled to the boy and said. “Why are you wasting your time picking up the starfish? There are too many. You cannot save them all.” The boy looked at the man, then at the starfish he had in his hand. He threw the starfish into the water and said “Maybe I can’t save them all, but I sure made a difference to THAT one!”
Who can YOU make a difference to today?


  1. I love my Starfish necklace from Alene’s Adornments! I get compliments from women, young and old, every time I wear it.

  2. Yes, I love the Starfish jewelry. I like jewelry with “meaning”…and the Starfish story is the best. We need something to remind us that each one of us “matters”.

  3. well it looks good to me the picture of you is really great. I dont get the blog stuff

  4. Ok so this is the blog you are wanting a comment on? I still dont get it BUT I LOVE MY STARFISH, too

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