Posted by: alenegeed | April 25, 2010

SILVER Jewelry- Still a Great Value

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Silver is currently $18 an ounce compared to the outrageous gold price of over $1100.00 an ounce!   And prices are climbing. Only a year ago the prices were at $13 an ounce.

All of my designs use Sterling Silver (92.5% silver), fine silver (99% silver but softer) or pure copper. Find a piece you love from my collection and purchase today to take advantage of the lower silver prices. (many of my pieces were designed with silver I purchased at the lower rates).  Visit my site at

Dichroic Blue Glass and Silver Pendant

Did you know that much of the difference in the value of these metals is NOT due to the weight and bulk of gold but to the cost to insure the gold. Ship 100 ounces of silver for only $20 including insurance. Ship the same amount of gold and pay $180.00!

For updated silver and gold prices go to:


  1. Check out the updated Sterling silver designs and Silver and gold pricing info.

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