Posted by: alenegeed | May 11, 2010

Sedona Art Show Notes

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I just returned from exhibiting at my first outdoor art show. What better place to be than Sedona! The weather was beautiful… except for the wind gusts! My event tent held it’s ground though, with a little help from the huge stakes we used to secure it. The displays blew over constantly (all exhibitors were in the same boat). By the 2nd day I had changed my display to one that was lower to the ground. It may not have been as pretty but I was able to keep my pieces from falling over that way. By the end of day two, EVERYTHING was covered with dust. No Exceptions.

I met people from all over the country. It was fun to hear their reactions to the beauty of Sedona. One described it as visiting another country!

All in all this was a great experience! I loved talking to people about Sedona and about my work. I met some terrific vendors, too. I will have to regroup and rethink my displays if I decide to do another outdoor event. It brought so many challenges!

I had a few requests for copper cuffs and rings for MEN, too. I will be adding these to the line shortly.

Copper Cuffs


  1. so is this a blog, too?

  2. Sedona is so beautiful…sounds like it was a good experience….Maybe they will hold another event in doors next time. Wind would NOT be fun.

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