Posted by: alenegeed | May 18, 2010

Pure Copper creates gorgeous jewelry

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Copper is fast becoming a popular metal for jewelry designing. Much of this is due to the natural beauty and flexibility of the metal. The finishes I can create with copper are out of this world! The price of copper as compared to silver or gold, makes it affordable and in the price range of costume jewelry. Everyone can own a piece!  Check out my designs at http:/

Copper was probably the first metal to be used by humans and is considered sacred to many cultures. It’s natural ability to conduct electricity is said to harmonize the body’s energies when worn.


  1. Copper is a fashion statement to reckon with!

  2. ok looks good… I still dont GET how a blog gets set up…it is basically a blurb about something that people reply to? hmmmm

  3. Copper is the most beautiful metal to wear — it’s perfect with pastels as well as bolder colors.

    Check out Alene’s website for original designs!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE the copper items. Everytime I wear my copper cuff bracelet and pendent, I get compliments.

  5. What I like about copper is the earthy feel. It looks great with a dress or jeans. Unfinished you may get a really pretty patina.

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