Posted by: alenegeed | June 8, 2010

Onyx: Fascinating Facts

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Onyx, a semiprecious variety of agate, can be naturally black but most often is striped or banded. The solid black gems you see are usually dyed.

This stone is associated with wizards and sorcerers and is believed to absorb sorrow. Often the stone is used in crystal therapy to heal old grief .

Onyx and Copper Necklace

Wearing onyx is said to impart personal strength and stamina.
I use both the banded, natural variety and the dyed black onyx in my designs. Check out my Onyx Designs at


  1. this is great I did not know the “pure” black was actually DYED… I think the 2 black necklaces I have from you must be black dyed then! But I like the idea of the not dyed..pretty!!

    • I knew they were dyed, but didn’t know that wearing onyx imparts strength and stamina. I love onyx..especially with the copper.

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