Posted by: alenegeed | July 27, 2010

Jewelry Patinas: Liver of Sulfur

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Sterling Silver ‘Create Your Reality’ Pendant

This weekend I experimented with Liver of Sulfur on Sterling silver. The results were amazing! This potassium sulfide solution combines with the sterling silver to form a colored surface. Most of the time the silver is turned black and the designer will high polish certain surfaces to create a contrast. This time I wanted to see what other colors were possible.

If the solution is very hot, then black is the result, but if the solution is lukewarm, then a multitude of colors will surface! (Blue, yellow, orange, and sometimes purple) . Once the piece was finished I sealed the finish with wax, to prevent any color changes

Liver of Sulfur can be used on copper and brass, too. So little of the compound is needed for each application. A jar will last years!


  1. Beautiful color!


    Sometime in early June I purchase one of your Make a Difference Starfish necklaces…. Alene, it is so beautiful it litterally took my breath away when I first opened it. I purchased it as a gift for a long-time great friend that is going through a difficult period. I am having trouble parting with it, but I know she will treasure it. Thank you, Deborah

    • thanks Deborah. I really appreciate your comment on my design. I know your friend will love it!


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