Posted by: alenegeed | August 10, 2010

Copper and Peanut Oil!

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Copper Cuff with Peanut Oil

One of the patinas I am experimenting with is peanut oil. YES, the standard grocery store peanut oil! See the photo for an example of a piece I created.
The process is: Anneal the copper (heat until softened), add in the Folds. In this case I had to reheat more than once. Each time you make a fold or hammer the piece it becomes work hardened and must be reheated to soften before applying the next process. The copper has to be cleaned before each step, too.
Once the processes created the design I wanted, I shaped it into a cuff, then coated the middle portion with peanut oil. Now comes the tricky part!
You need to heat from underneath this time so you don’t burn the peanut oil. (if you do it turns black!). The gentle heating creates the golden orangey color!
So the final step is cleaning, polishing and then adding a coating to prevent further oxidizing and ‘greening’ of the wrist.

Lots of FUN… and I LOVE the result! This piece is available for sale on my web site.

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