Posted by: alenegeed | August 13, 2010

Trivia Contest for Free Pair of Earrings

And the fun continues! Our Winner of the first pair of earrings is Naomi Flink. She chose the pair shown here.

Serpentine Gemstone Earrings

I will send a FREE pair of earrings (your choice from my web site) to the first person who answers the question correctly. (USA and Canada fans only) Hint: the answer is in the last blog entry. Please answer by leaving a comment on the blog post.

 Where does the gemstone Amethyst get it’s name? What is the literal meaning from Greek?

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  1. oops, meant to leave that on this one…
    amethustus means “not drunk”

    • Congratulations Faith. You WON!!
      I will email you details shortly

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