Posted by: alenegeed | August 16, 2010

Color Does Affect Us- RED

Coral Heart Necklace

RED is an emotionally intense color. When you see red, your heart rate increases, breathing speeds up and you are ready for action. It is a strong color that is associated with passion and excitement.

Red is a power color. Red Carpet service, for example… geared towards VIP’s.  In China, Red is the color of happiness and prosperity.

Wear RED when you want to grab attention and be noticed! Coral, Ruby and certain jaspers are just a few of the gems that are red.

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Use the color red to grab attention and get people to take action…. when you want to be noticed! The perfect application of red is as an accent color; ie the Red coral necklace pictured here, a scarf, tie, earrings or belt. This will create the passion and attention without overpowering others!

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