Posted by: alenegeed | August 23, 2010

Trivia Question for FREE Pair of Earrings

The winner of the last Trivia question is Laura Cotter. Her selection is here.  Will you be next??

Cultured Pearl Earrings

I will send a FREE pair of earrings (your choice from my web site) to the first person who answers the question correctly. (USA and Canada fans only) Hint: the answer is in the last blog entry. Please answer by leaving a comment on the blog post.

What did young men in China present to their bride-to-be?

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  1. Actually, I was the lucky winner who selected these beautiful earrings – I think Diana had won before me. 😉

    • You are SO RIGHT! I am sorry about that!! I’ll make the correction on Facebook.

  2. wedding cakes, sweetmeats and jewelry

  3. Bridal Cakes

    • thanks Lynne.
      The correct answer according to my blog is different! What you indicated may in fact be tru, but is not the information from the blog! Please try again. No one has won yet!

  4. Jade butterfly

  5. Young men in China would present their bride-to-be with a jade butterfly.

    • Thanks Nailah.
      I had a winner yesterday already! However, I will have another contest later today for 2 winners! and another one later in the week. So stay tuned

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