Posted by: alenegeed | August 24, 2010

Fusing. A Process to Create Jewelry

Designer Fused Sterling & Copper Pendant

Fusing Sterling Silver and Copper is a process I began using the first few months of my metal work education. Most metal is joined together using solder or cold connection options. But fusing joins the metal by creating enough heat to melt parts of the metal.
The TRICK is to remove the heat just BEFORE the whole piece melts into a blob!

I mostly use scrap pieces that have been cut or filed from other designs. I like the idea of reusing this material instead of discarding it. Note: silver scraps can be sent to a refinery for reimbursement, too, but I prefer to create a truly recycled piece of jewelry!

In the process, the metal takes on a mind of it’s own.  As the components melt many of the pieces  move or only partially melt.

That is why I refer to this collection as the CREATE YOUR REALITY series. The piece literally creates itself. I just provide the components and the finishing touches. These designs can be found on my web site, under the Silver Creations or Copper Creations tab.


  1. Create Your Reality

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