Posted by: alenegeed | September 1, 2010

Stone Soup Legend: A Tale of Sharing



Sodalite Gemstone Slab Necklace

My Stone Slab jewelry collection was created around the following legend. This is a tale of Cooperation and Sharing.

A hungry traveler entered a village. The villagers hoarded what little they had to eat. So the traveler filled a large iron pot with water from the nearby stream and threw in several stones. He placed the pot in a fire ring near the edge of town. Curious villagers appeared.  “What are you cooking?” they asked. “Stone Soup” he replied. “Try some!” The first taster declared that it needed more flavor. He brought back a carrot from his house and placed in the pot. One by one the villagers each added something to the pot until the soup became rich and delicious… a wonderful meal for all to eat. Including the traveler!
Wear the jewelry as a reminder; What we share will enrich our life as well as those around us.
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
Helen Kelle

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  1. Any soup needs salt & pepper, carrots, cabbage, beef & potatoes, barley and milk, bread and Cider.

    • thanks Sharon. You WON! I will email you details shortly.

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