Posted by: alenegeed | September 2, 2010

Trivia Contest for Free Earrings

Looking for two more winners . The first TWO correct answers will receive FREE earrings! 

Serpentine Earrings

 The winners of the last Trivia question are Erika White and Nailah Metwally.   Will you be next??     I will send a FREE pair of earrings (your choice from my web site) to the first TWO PEOPLE who answer the question correctly. (USA and Canada fans only) Hint: the answer is in the last blog entry. Please answer by leaving a comment on the blog post.

What made the Stone Soup rich and delicious??

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  1. It was rich & delicious because each of the villagers added something to the pot!

    • Thanks Yuri
      You won! I will email you details.

  2. It sure was not the stones in the pot but the village working together and bringing what they had starting with the first man bringing a carrot! Great story Alene and I love your work you are so talented in many ways!

    • thanks Shawna. Appreciate the Feedback, too. You Won!

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