Posted by: alenegeed | October 6, 2010

Sanding Pads: Tools of the Jewelry Trade

Sanding Sponge

Sandpaper and files are essential tools for any jeweler working in metal. The finishing process for every piece of silver or copper I design includes filing with at least 2 grades of file and then sanding with another 3-4 grades of paper. The idea is to use the coarsest tool first and gradually work down to the finest tool. that way the silver is finished to perfection!

I found these sanding sponges about a year ago and just LOVE using them. the sandpaper finish is on the top layer and the thickness is 1/8″. This allows me to grip the paper so much easier. AND these sponges can be cut down into strips or tiny squares. That way I can poke them into smaller spaces and crevises of the silver so that all parts of the designer piece get the full finish needed.

There are probably hundreds of other uses for these sponges, too. I purchase them through my jewelry tools supplier. Please visit my site (by clicking on the image)  to see the products I have designed with the help of this tool!

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