Posted by: alenegeed | November 4, 2010



Sterling & Rhodochrosite Earrings

The first 15 people to respond will be entered into a raffle for a FREE pair of Earrings (your choice)


ALL 15 people will also receive a discount code for 35% OFF an order on my jewelry site.

3 of the 15 will win FREE Earrings and ALL 15 will get 35% off!

Just respond to the blog to be entered. thanks and good luck!


  1. One of the first 15??!!

    • yes you are Heather! I’ll email details to you once I have all 15 entries.

  2. darn my comment didn’t show up! 😦

    Am I two of the first 15? lol! I love the earrings you have pictured on the top of this post 🙂

    • HI Ginger
      You are in the first 15! I will get back to you with details once I have all 15 people.
      thanks and good luck!

  3. LOVE your jewelry Alene!!

    • thanks Naomi. YOu are in the raffle as one of the 15!

  4. I better win!! And, I better get shopping on this site.

    • You are one of the 15… Yippee!

  5. Really like these earrings. Hope I am one of the 1st 15 😉

    • HI Betty
      You are one of the 15! I will email you more details once all 15 are on board.
      good luck!

  6. Am I too late?

    • you are in the 15! I will email you details once I have all 15 on board.
      Good luck!

  7. Received my THIRD piece of your jewlery this week! Beautiful! Love the copper bracelet with the little silver hearts pounded into it! The green & blue glass star necklace is still my most favorite!
    Keep creating girl! You have a gift!

    • thanks Deb
      You are entered in the raffle, too!
      Good Luck!

      • You’re jewelry is absolutely breathtaking! You are very gifted. As I look at your jewelry, I actually have OOOHS! & AAAHS! coming out of my mouth. I want to order a piece but can’t decide which one. But I’m getting pretty sure about 1 piece! Keep the Good Work up, God Bless You!

      • thanks Ginny. And you are entered in the Raffle!
        Good Luck! I will contact the winners and provide the Discount code this weekend.

  8. I shared your site with Ms Shamu yesterday! We both love your creativity. I aslo was wondering can you do custom to order?

    • thanks Shawna. Appreciate it! I have added you into the raffle. I will email you about the custom question.

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