Posted by: alenegeed | November 17, 2010

This Week’s Featured Design

Sterling & Copper Designer Necklace

This is the first in a series of Featured Designs that will be discounted for one week only.  I LOVED creating this design. I had a variety of scrap sterling silver and copper pieces that I wanted to fuse together to see what happened! Sometimes the results are less than appealing and I have to abort and SOMETIMES the magical happens… as in this case. The variety of finishes of the individual pieces added so much to the overall look.

After refining, adding a bail for hanging and a Swarovski crystal to the front, I was happy! The necklace is 50 strands of stainless steel connected by sterling silver caps and finished off with a sterling silver clasp.

I named this ‘Create Your Reality’ because the metal literally did create it’s own form… just like we are able to do in our own lives.

This necklace is discounted to $105.00 for THIS WEEK ONLY. ‘Make it yours today’  or click on the image to take you directly to the necklace.

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