Posted by: alenegeed | December 2, 2010

Tools of the Trade: Ring Shank

Ring Mandrel

When designing rings from sterling or copper, this shank is essential! It is calibrated along one side so I can determine what size I want to make.

Once I have designed the ring and forged the pattern and size, I anneal it (heat it until it softens) and then form it around the shank to round it properly. It helps to put the shank into a vise or other typs of holding device so it will not move around. I hammer with a rubber mallet just to shape the ring . Hammering metal against metal will stretch the silver or copper. Sometimes this is to my advantage if the ring needs to be a little larger for some reason.

For my ring selection, click on the image above or go to Every design is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

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