Posted by: alenegeed | December 15, 2010

Jewelry Design: Where Does Inspiration come from?

I am often asked where my ideas originate when designing a jewelry piece. The answer is everywhere! I know that is not very specific but so true. I will give you an example using the ‘Stone Soup’ collection and Legend.

Stone Soup Legend Necklace

Three years ago I discovered these slab pieces of gemstones while attending the Tucson Gem Show. I was so intrigued with the earthy, natural cut of the stones! I purchased a few of them and headed home. I started playing around with design keeping in mind that each slab was a different size and shape. When I began combining them with other gemstones, silver and pearls, the designs came alive!

I remembered the story that was told to me long ago, about the hungry traveler and his stone soup. My new designs became the symbol for this story & and for the synergy of cooperation in our lives.

Since then I have sought out other gemstones that are cut in this ‘rough’ method. Every one I design is One-of-a-kind and truly designed from my heart!

The complete collection can be found by clicking on the image or visiting

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