Posted by: alenegeed | January 7, 2011

Jewelry Tools of the Trade: Soldering Turntable

Soldering TurntableI discovered this great tool last year. The base is fire safe, so I can solder my pieces without fear of burning down the whole work area! While there are lots of products available for soldering… this one has two more features that make it my soldering go-to place whenever possible.

1) the turntable feature allows me to easily move the piece to heat everything.. without contortions to my body. Since moving the piece during soldering can create all kinds of unwanted results, this is a wonderful time saving feature.

2) the clamps (two of them) allow me to secure a piece above the block and easily get the torch under the design. Since there are two clamps, I often will use both of them for the same piece.. for greater holding power.

Working with metals is always a work in progress and I learn something new each time. Any product that can save time while allowing me to create the design I had in mind when I started the soldering is worth it’s weight in gold.

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  1. ……January 1st 2006 by Stewart Grice………..Soldering is a skill that all bench jewelers master at an early stage in their career. Remember an ideal soldered joint must be strong but at the same time invisible…Design.When soldering is necessary the jewelry piece must be designed with this in mind it must be suitable for soldering. If you re torch soldering there must be suitable access for the flame to heat the joint area allowing solder to flow..The design should also be reasonably easy to finish with the tools available.

  2. Any of the “Second Hand” tools are a huge help! I love these things!

  3. Nice set up. But how do you release your item without getting burned? I have the same holding clamps but they heat up to much I’ve gotten burned.

    • Thanks for the comment. I dont touch the clamps right away. I let the piece cool somewhat before putting into the water to quench. Then I take a shop towel to grip the clamp to release. Hope that helps!

      • Guess I’m just too excited!! Thanks! I’m enjoying your little obsession. Great blog Alene

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