Posted by: alenegeed | March 2, 2011

Native COPPER. The Ultimate Jewelry Alternative

Pure Copper Bracelet

What metal is still affordable, versatile and GORGEOUS! The answer has to be COPPER.

Did you know that copper was probably the first metal to be used by humans?  It was used by the Egyptians in 4000BC and also used as far back as 8000BC by the Neolitihic people. Copper is found in tandem with many other minerals, too. Chrysocolla is a great example of this!

Copper is a great conductor of electricity. When worn it is said to be an effective treatment for arthritis as it opens up blocked energy flow.  Copper’s energy flow enhances the properties of other gemstones too.

Copper is beautiful in it’s natural state. It also oxidizes into a fantastic green color. I have found that several other household products (including vinegar and salt) create additional patinas that are gorgeous. All in all, Copper is a terrific affordable alternative for jewelry designs.

You can find my copper creations at


  1. The copper bracelets are amazing. Hard to decide which one to get!!

  2. I have one of Alene’s copper cuffs ~ love it! It does not leave marks on your skin & it shines beautifully! It is stunning!

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