Posted by: alenegeed | April 25, 2011

Silver AND Copper Prices Climb

Silver Cuff Bracelet

Silver prices have been climbing now for over a year…  from $19 a year ago to a whopping $46.00 an ounce today! that is more that 200% increase. This affects all jewelry prices as you can imagine.

I continue to use silver and also use a fair amount of copper to keep the pieces affordable. So here is the good/bad news… Copper prices have increased from $3.00 an ounce to $4.50 an ounce! While this does not seem significant when compared to Silver… this is STILL  a 50% increase in price.

If you love jewelry, I encourage you to purchase your silver and even copper while you can still get reasonable pricing. Many jewelers (including me)  have held to lower pricing as they use up their current inventory. But once the raw material needs to be replenished… the prices will soar!

Check out my site for affordable, One-Of-A-Kind Artisan pieces that you will cherish as part of your own jewelry collection.

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