Posted by: alenegeed | June 27, 2011

Jewelry Patinas- Ammonia and Vinegar

Pure Copper Cuff Bracelet

Working with natural Patinas to create some beautiful finishes for my copper bracelets is really quite an experience!

It takes a little bit of patience, the ability to move on when things don’t go quite as planned and lots of ‘what if’ moments.
I have been playing around with this patina for a couple of years now and LOVE the results. The main requirements are white vinegar, ammonia, and two clear plastic containers with lids. (one must fit inside the other and leave room for the copper or brass)
I coat the cleaned and sanded piece with vinegar and leave it inside the larger container along with an OPEN container or ammonia.
Make sure to put the lid on the larger container.
Wait about 24 hours and see what happens. Lots of fun.
This particular piece was coated entirely with the patina. Then I high polished the raised portions before adding the sealant.  Many of my pieces are partially patina’d. I like the effect.
You can view more of my copper patinas on my web site.


  1. Great article. I’ll have to play around a bit with the patina’s. I keep putting it off because of the ammonia, . I could put it outside I guess. At any rate, I love the look you’ve achieved and I adore copper.

    • HI Lois. I keep the ammonia in a sealed small container all the time and only open it up when I am ready to do the patina. Very little exposure!

  2. Yup, that would be my choice too. I’m not worried about exposure per se, just the smell.

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