Posted by: alenegeed | July 25, 2011

Introducing the ‘PURE METALS’ Earring Collection

Sacred Spiral Collection

Pure Metals Earring Collection

I am excited to show off my latest designs and collection.

All of the earrings in this collection are created using pure metal! Copper, Sterling Silver and Brass to be exact.  In every case I started with a pure metal sheet. Then I added texture by hammering a design. I cut and shaped each pair by hand & added my signature stamp on the back.

Then the fun part… the patina!  I used a variety of patinas to create the finished pieces:  vinegar and ammonia for the greenish tints;  Liver of sulfur for the blackened effect;  peanut oil for the golden colors;  plain old heat for the reddish tints.

Each of these pair of earrings is One-Of-A-Kind.Go to to see the whole collection. They are all shown under the Earrings/Pure Metal tab.CREATING NEW DESIGNS SURE IS FUN.I would love to get your feedback on this new collection. Just add a comment to the blog. Thanks!

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