Posted by: alenegeed | August 26, 2011

Creating Pure Metal Earrings. How is it done?

Metal Earrings in progressCreating my collection of Copper, Brass and Sterling Silver PURE METAL earrings requires several processes. First I texture the raw metal. This is usually done by hammering but can be done with a rolling mill as well. The metal must be softened (heated) before starting the texturing.

Then I create the shapes I want to use. Once created I place all the metals on to a board (see image) to determine which components will work together for the individual design. I photograph the board so I can remember it, too! (VERY IMPORTANT)

Then I apply the patinas. I use Liver of Sulfur for an antiqued, blackened effect, Vinegar and ammonia for the blue/green color, Peanut oil for the rich golden bronze effect and finally Heat for the reddish colors. There are other patina processes as well. These are the main ones I like to use.

Once the Patina is applied, I add a coating to maintain the finish, Form and shape the final pieces, assemble, add earwires and photograph!

Do you recognize any of the final earring designs from the images on the board?

Lots of steps and each one performed with love.

Check out the full collection at

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