Posted by: alenegeed | January 11, 2012

It’s Closeout Time!

It’s that time of year when I am itching to add the new products to the web site! This means that some of the current pieces have to go!. Prices are reduced up to 40% on all in the closeout category.

Why Do I offer Closeouts?

1.   REDUCE INVENTORY This is the obvious reason.. just need to make room for new stuff!

  1.    2. LOWER QUALITY  PHOTOGRAPHS.  Some of the images were not photographed as well as I would like. The cost to retake and recreate the images is better spent in a hefty discount to my customers.. that’s you!

   3. OFFER BARGAINS TO MY CUSTOMERSThis gives me the opportunity to get some of the product into your hands so you can see the quality and fall in love with my designs. Click on the photo to see the available designs…. and join my newsletter by clicking on the link below. That way you will get notices as they are announced!

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