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Survey and Raffle for Earrings!

VOTE TODAY! The winners will be announced on February 7th.. In plenty of time for Valentine’s Day!

I am conducting a survey with all of you to see which style of earrings you prefer. This information will help me determine which collections to enhance as I go forward with new designs. The process is simple… just leave a post below indicating your favorite collection! You will be entered into a drawing to receive a pair of  earrings from ‘your’ collection. THREE winners will be selected.


(see selection to left and click on the image to see other options in this collection). All earrings are made from Copper, Brass and Sterling Silver.

Each pair is my original design, hand forged and formed by me!


(see selection to left and click on the image to see other options in this collection). All earrings are made with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

I work frequently with Turquoise, Rhodochrosite, Jasper and Amethyst. All are enhanced with sterling or copper, pearls or Swarovski crystals. All are my original designs.


(see selection to left and click on the image to see other options in this collection)  The focal bead on these earrings is made from recycled magazines. See entire story below. I enhance the beauty of these beads by adding sterling, copper and gemstones.

akonye kena is translated as ‘I will help myself’. The focal bead is made from recycled magazines by Northern Uganda tribeswomen. This bead product line started as an exercise within a rehabilitation program. Rolling beads was intened to train young women from the streest in discipline and attention to detail. It expanded into the primary source of income for the project. Proceeds provide a living , fair wage for them. Akonya Kena promotes independence and self-sufficiency initiatives in East Africa.

 Vote TODAY for your selection. The raffle/survey will run through February 6th… giving you plenty of time to win a pair of earrings for Valentines Day!


  1. I like the gemstone best

    • I like # 1 silver and copper best. good luck. see you in Tuscon??

  2. My favorites are the Pure Metal earrings.

  3. I love the Pure Metal!!

  4. The Pure Metal is my favorite also. Beautiful!!!!

  5. I like both Selection 1 and 2 (Pure Metal and Gemstone, especially when the gemstone earrings have lots of chain attached). If there is not a lot of chain attached, then I like the Pure Metal the most.

  6. PURE METAL !!!!!!!!!
    I love them !

  7. The gemstone are my favorite!

  8. Thanks everyone. Early returns in seem to favor Pure Metal!

  9. Here I sit wearing a pair of your metal earrings!! My favorite.

    Peg Doerfler

  10. I like the metal earrings, too, but I also really like the idea of the recycled paper.

  11. I love the Akonye Kenja earrings. They’re beautiful, and using the recyled beads help impoverished women in Kenya

  12. I like, and have purchased, some of each! Variety is the spice of life!

  13. I vote for the gemstone earrings. I suggest you use all sorts of crystals, and you can create a little message for each buyer as to that crystal/gemstone’s strengths are.


    • thanks Diana. I do include a romance card with each gemstone and metal set of earrings. It gives details about the gemstone or metal characteristics and strengths.

  14. Love your metal creations – always receive compliments when I’m wearing a pair.

  15. Pure Metal! They are beautiful (as are all)

  16. I like the pure metal earrings the best.

  17. The Gemstone earrings are my favorite!

  18. I love the pure metal earrings. The contrast between copper and silver really show up with outfits.

    Hope you’re having fun.


  19. They are all beautiful but I love the Pure Metal.

  20. Pure Metal!

    • Sara. You WON a pair of earrings! I emailed you 2 days ago but have not gotten a response. Choose any pair under $40 and email me your address so I can send them to you.

  21. Gemstones from me:-) I love the color and contrast they add!!!!!!!!
    Nice survey Alene!

  22. I love the Pure Metal one.

    Nancy Konrad

  23. The turquoise gemstone with many dangling chains is my favorite! I agree with Melanie above – without many chains, the pure metal wins.


  24. So so beautiful Alene. “If” I have to choose….#1 is my favorite.

  25. I truly love the Metal, the work is intricate and so rich.

  26. the front runner continues to be Metal! thanks for voting! I cannot wait to see if recycled and gemstone can ‘catch up’ to metal in the rankings!

  27. Hey, you are showing a jewerly nut some beautiful creations, how can I possibly say which is best? The #1 Metal is probably most useful with many outfits, however, #2 Gemstones would be great when you want a bit of flair and color. So I have to go with color #2. Can’t wait to see all your fun jewelry when I come to AZ. Linda Mangun

  28. I love the “Pure Metal” earrings, in fact, I would like to order a pair of the one shown above, #2BRCSQ. I like the metal earring because you can dress up or dress down when you wear them. People are sure to notice!! Arlene, I will email you my personal contact information.

    Do you sell any larger earrings so that I can use them as ear muffs in Minnestoa??

    Mary Slusser, Minnesota

    • HI Mary. I dont have any ear muff designs! Great idea if they were soft. Probably a new fashion statement for those living in cold country like you!

  29. Pure metal , love the sterling silver
    2nd choice ,gemstone
    You have beautiful designs

  30. I liked the first selection “Pure Metal” if I were getting them for Kathleen.

  31. Love the gemstones!

  32. I like the recycled ones!

    • Nadine. You WON a free pair of earrings. I emailed you 2 days ago but have not heard back from you.
      Choose any pair under $40 from my site. Email me along with your address so I can send them to you.

  33. I love the Pure Metal earrings and would love to have them be part of my earring choices.

  34. I actually like all three. Drop earings are not my favorite but if I had to choose I would say rhe pure metal

  35. I sure love seeing all the comments. Thanks for posting. The front runner continues to be Pure Metal. Encourage your friends and jewelry lovers to post, too. WInners will be announced on the 6th of February!

  36. All three are lovely, Alene, but I would like #2 best.

  37. Pure metal… beautiful! Hard to choose… but also, I prefer anything silver, so have to think of that when choosing as well. Do you separate the silver/ gold/ copper styles as well?

    • HI Angela. Thanks for the feedback. In response to your question about separating the metals… I will be adding some pure silver to the collection since I have had such an overwhelming response to pure metal as a selection.. The copper and brass add wonderful patinas and help keep the price down, though.. so you will see more of that as well.

  38. Love them all but favorite is pure metal

  39. I love them all!!!!!!!

  40. #1 The silver & copper earrings. They are unique & very stylish!

  41. I know my wife would love the grey colored metal set.

    • Winners of the earrings have been notified! More details will be on the next post. THANK YOU to everyone who participated. The PURE METAL won by a landslide!

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