Posted by: alenegeed | February 29, 2012

Silver Prices Still Rising

Precious metal prices are continuing to rise due in part to the economic issues in Europe.

Silver (which hovered in the $30 range for most of the last 9 months is now at $37 an ounce! Yikes!

current Silver pricing

I had purchased some raw materials earlier in the year and am so glad now that I have inventory to get me through the next few months!

Copper is such a terrific alternative to keep designer pieces at a reasonable cost!

How do you feel about copper? do you like the look? Or do you prefer the pay the extra $$ and get silver… or even gold? Let me know. I would love to hear your feedback!

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  1. Love your copper! Wearing “your” earings today!

  2. I like working with copper and brass (Vintaj) wire, but they don’t seem to be big sellers. I don’t work in gold at all. I can’t afford it, and would probably only purchase some if it were a prepaid special order. I typically work with silver and, like you, am glad I have some in stock right now so I don’t have to spend a small fortune for more.

    Have you tried silver filled wire? I used some on a pendant and it looks just like the sterling and argentium I used in the past. I thought there would be some difference in the way the cut ends looked, but I couldn’t tell at all.

    • thanks Ashley. I prefer to work with sterling and have not tried the silver filled wire. I am familiar with Argentium but prefer not to work with it as it is another learning curve. It reacts differently to the heat and of course requires no solder but I do love Sterling and fine silver the most!
      I have a lot of demand for copper, too.

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