Posted by: alenegeed | March 3, 2012

Rhodochrosite – Good for the Heart!

Pink has always been associated with Love and the Heart. This amazing pink stone is as pink as it gets!… and who doesnt love pink?

In fact the name Rhodochrosite refers to the Greek word for Rose! The hues of this gem range from deep to light pink. White banding is a common characteristic as well.

I really love working with this gem! Each of the cabachons and beads that I have in designs, or in the works are all slightly different in colors and patterns. So one of a kind really applies two-fold to Rhodochrosite.

The image to the left shows this gem in it’s natural state. Isn’t it amazing?

Do you love it too? If not, which gem is YOUR favorite?


  1. That was VERY interesting. I watch QVC and HSN Jewelry shows a lot, and don’t remember hearing most of this information before. My favorite gem is still the amethyst and all quartz, in general.

  2. I just love rhodochrosite but haven’t been able to afford it. Some day soon I’m going to get it in my shop. Even the lower quality banded stuff is gorgeous.

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