Posted by: alenegeed | March 8, 2012

Organizing My Jewelry Staging area

Doing most of my metal work in the garage (soldering, filing, patinas and other messy stuff) doesnt leave much space for the finishing processes.

Pill bottles make great containers

Many of these dont require torches and such to complete.

organizing bins

For example. I create the silver and copper headpins at the bench in the garage and then form them into ear wires elsewhere!

organizing is an important part for this staging area. (which is just a desk in my spare room). Empty pill bottles are put to good use as you can see! They house the headpins, much of the copper with patina , and assorted other copper components.

The flatter organizers can be found in most craft stores or from MicroMark. (a fun site and catalog to browse). They house most of my silver and copper components.

It’s so important to have help…. and I have my ‘helpful’ cat Cici right there with me! She has to check everything out as you can see!

Of course there are many more containers just filled with beads and more. It never ends and that is the fun part!

Do you have any clever ideas for organizing smaller pieces like these. I would love to hear what others are doing. What about those of you who Scrapbook?  or other craft? I know there are so many options. Let’s share what works for each of us!

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