Posted by: alenegeed | March 17, 2012

Tools of the Jewelry Trade: HOLE PUNCH

Hole Punch Pliers

There are a variety of ways to punch holes in metal.The thickness of the metal determines what works best.

Drilling is an option and can be used in thicker metals if you are very careful to drill slowly through the metal.

My favorite is this Hole Punch pliers for most jobs. While taking a class a year ago from Creative U in Cave Creek, I was introduced to this amazing tool! It punches holes in metal and has SIX different hole sizes in one piece! All you have to do is insert the proper components into the pliers and it is ready for action.

I use this to punch holes for my riveting in cuff bracelets and to punch holes in the metal used for my earrings. The only drawback is that sometime I need a SMALLER hole than available. But, of course there are other tools for that.AND a jeweler can never have enough tools!This hole punch pliers is available at several jewelry supplier stores (mine was purchased from Rio Grande) and a few other tool stores

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