Posted by: alenegeed | March 20, 2012

Copper and Peanut Oil; A terrific combo for jewelry design!

Sounds silly, I know but peanut oil is great for creating a patina on copper.

Sacred Spiral Design bracelet

This  image  shows the copper that has been forged with a Sacred Spiral design , shaped and ready for a patina!

A  light coat of peanut oil is added to the top of the copper form.

A light coating is essential. If I add too much peanut oil it will just burn, creating lots of smoke and a black (smelly) bracelet.

Then use a torch on a low setting to heat the bracelet from below. This prevents the peanut oil from burning and achieves the brown/black tones for the finish.

Peanut Oil Patina

this photo shows the next step.

After removing the heat, I quenched the copper in water and then scrubbed it to remove the excess peanut oil… being careful to keep the color wanted for the bracelet.

Here it is shown after formed on the bracelet mandrel.

It still needs to be coated to add a shine and prevent oxidation… which could turn your arm green when worn!

mockup of bracelet

Ok, Now to phase 3.  What you are seeing here is the sterling silver spiral design that will be riveted onto the bracelet.

the stone is dichroic glass and it is held temporarily in place with dental floss. (who knew you could use dental floss for this!)

Before permanently adding the glass, I want to antique (blacken) the silver.

Final steps are:  Coat the copper,     Blacken the silver,     Rivet the silver to the copper       Add the stone!

Stay tuned for another blog that will hilite these last steps.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing more details on creating a Copper Bracelet.  Are there other questions and processes you would like hilited or explained more in depth?? please feel free to comment and add suggestions. I will respond!

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