Posted by: alenegeed | March 28, 2012

Picture Jasper- Myths and Fascinating Facts

Picture Jasper

picture jasper myths

I really LOVE this gemstone! This image shows you how the stone looks coming out of the ground.

Isn’t it beautiful!

Once the Stone is cut and polished so it can be used in a design, it becomes spectacular! the inclusions create images, mostly resembling mountain ranges and deserts. So what a surprise that Arizona has some of the best jasper around!

Picture Jasper is perfect for jewelry because of it’s hardness. You can wear this gemstone in a ring without worrying about scratching it easily.

Jasper Gemstone was a warrior’s stone during the Middle Ages. Legend has that it adorned Siegfried’s sword.Jasper is also believed to increase sexual energy!

Picture jasper is said to be the Mother Earth speaking to her children. Messages from the past are contained within it’s pictures.

For more details on Jasper, click here! 

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What is YOUR favorite gemstone? Let me know and I will do a post on it’s properties and myths!


  1. As Jasper is such a beautiful stone right out of the Earth, have you thought about “just” wrapping it in a beautiful wire? Perhaps with a bail large enough to use as an enhancer?

    • thanks Deb. That would be a great look, too. I am so entranced by the bezel and solder process, though. It seems more of a finished look.

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