Posted by: alenegeed | April 24, 2012

Color Can Make us feel better ! PURPLE

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Purple Amethyst

 Guess what. Women love the color purple!

 Purple can make us feel luxurious and rich! 

Historically purple is considered the color of royalty.Purple was expensive and only the wealthiest people could afford purple garments. 

(to get one ounce of purple fabric dye, 336,000 special snails had to be harvested. 

Amethyst is a natural example of rich deep purple. I love wearing it and making designs using it.

I always feel good when I wear purple!

It is considered a color for creative types… not those of you with the analytical minds. 

If you want to feel rich, exciting and mysterious. wear Purple!

 How do you feel about purple? And how do you feel when wearing purple?

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  1. I LOVE PURPLE it is great for us “winter” people…These earrings are great

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