Posted by: alenegeed | June 5, 2012

MetalSmith Conference Highlights

I attended my first Metalsmith Conference last week. The conference is hosted by SNAG.  (the Society of North American Goldsmiths). It took place in Phoenix this year, making it easy for me to make the long journey… since I live here in Phoenix!

The attendees consisted of over 600 jewelery and vessel designers who use metals as their primary medium. This can be silver, gold, copper, steel, titanium, pewter and other alloys. Designers are a pretty creative bunch. I was amazed at the variety of jewelry in particular.

There were several demonstrations showing usages for different tools and processes. I loved getting a first hand look at Bill Fretz and his hammering/forging techniques. I splurged and purchased a new hammer, a DVD, and two stakes to use in making bracelets. The product is so new that I have to wait another week or so to even get my order! Very exciting.

My two favorite parts of the event were:

1) Meeting other jewelers and having the opportunity to discuss some of our common issues with design and the jewelry business.  and

2) Perusing the books that were available for purchase. I have never seen such a selection of jewelry design and how-to books! Lots of fun.

I ended up purchasing a book on Gemstone Setting. This one is by Anastasia Young. I have been studying it furiously since I bought it. It is well written with lots of details and photos to help with the processes.

My overall impression of the conference was… Terrific and inspiring!  I look forward to keeping a dialogue with the designers I met.

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