Posted by: alenegeed | June 11, 2012

Tools of the Trade; Spiral forming Pliers

Here’s the new tool I purchased  during the SNAG metalsmith conference last month.

It was being demonstrated by Rio Grande, who exhibited at the show.

Since I do a fair amount of Spirals for my Sacred Spiral collection, it became apparent that this would be a great time saver! Plus the resulting spirals (once I got past the learning curve for the tool) would be more symmetrical and just plain prettier!

So over the weekend I experimented with the tool. First starting with thinner gauge copper. (More economical for the learning process). It took a few turns to figure out how to switch to different thicknesses of wire, too. THere are several ‘pins’ that need to be loosened and then retightened to make sure the tool will twist properly.

Once I felt more competent, I did a few in silver and then even worked on some combinations of copper and silver wire, that were twisted together. This is my absolute favorite!

Below are some of the ‘samples’ I created . They should start appearing in my designs in the next month or so. Sure is Fun to play with a new tool!

Check out all my designs at Alene’s Adornments


  1. I love neat tools and gadgets and this one looks like a lot of fun. I suspect you’ll be making more spirals!
    I simply must find the time for my hobbies! Just look what you have done with your skills! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to make the time, Alene.

  2. Arent the fun tools half the FUN This is neat

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