Posted by: alenegeed | June 21, 2012

The Secret Life of a Metal & Hammer Hoarder

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be salivating over sheets of metal and hammers I would have had them committed!

Yet here I am … getting excited over my collection of hammers. This is one of my favorite ones. The surface creates a soft almost satiny texture on my Copper, Silver or Brass metal.

But the fun only starts with this hammer. Currently I have over 20 different pieces ranging from ones that texture.. styles that form, and some that just plain flatten a rivet. Talking to other jewelers, I am aware that mine is a small collection compared to many. We are all Hammer Hoarders!

But arent tools supposed to be a man’s toy box? Apparently they havent cornered the market on them.

In addition to sheets  and coils of copper, brass and silver, I also am the owner of a bench vise,  drill, Lots of pliers, two saws and so much more. Here’s the picture of my workbench to give you an idea. Do you see the tool chest in the back? it is filled with all my supplies.

The best part of this is the FUN I have creating (and sometimes recreating) my jewelry designs. Each time I sit at this bench, the rest of the world melts away. All the ‘issues’ of the day or week dont seem to matter at all. This passion is truly a gift and I appreciate it so much.

Here’s hoping you find some of this inspiration when you are wearing one of my designs.   Alene’s Adornments.

PS: I have two contests coming up in this summer. Subscribe to my newsletter to get the details first. There will be lots of great prizes in store!


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