Posted by: alenegeed | July 13, 2012

Change is certain: my evolution in design

Yesterday I was updating my images that I post for acceptance into Juried Art Fairs. Since I don’t participate often, the images had not been changed for 2 years.

I was SO amazed at how my designs have evolved in that time.

White Pearl Necklace

This is one of my earlier necklaces.

I started with the “Make A Difference’ Starfish collection many years ago, but was using Glass starfish and complementing with gemstones and pearls. While these still have some appeal to me… I much prefer creating the Starfish from scratch using sterling silver or copper and enhancing it with gemstones.

This is one of my NEW designs. See the difference? I can hardly believe they were designed by the same person!     I hammered the sterling first, then sawed out the starfish, shaped it, antiqued the sterling to bring out the texture and then added the fabulous turquoise gemstone. So much fun to design and create!

Serpentine Gemstone Earrings

My earrings have evolved as well. Here  is an early design using gemstone beads, crystal, wire wrapping and generic sterling earwires. While I still create these styles every year, I am more drawn to the Pure Metal Designs as shown here.

I start with copper and sterling sheet, create the texture by hammering, then saw out the pieces and  shape them. The copper has a peanut oil patina. I also made the earwires from sterling wire. This type of earring is so much fun to visualize, design and ultimately create.

Who knows what my continued need to change and grow will bring next?I can only say that this journey I am on is amazing.Check out my current designs at


  1. I have one of those “early” star necklaces ~ it is one of my most favorite pieces! They are ALL good!

    • thanks Deborah. I remember when you purchased that, too.

  2. That’s amazing – we often don’t realize how far we’ve come until we look back! Great post!

  3. I am so inspired by your blog because, I feel, you’ve proven that “Old is Gold”. The images are so gorgeous. Great job! Thanks and would love to listen from you more.

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