Posted by: alenegeed | September 11, 2012

Reflections on the Fall Tucson Gem Show

The Winter Tucson Gem Show is famous worldwide. The entire city is booked solid… every venue, every hotel… everywhere. Suppliers from all parts of the world choose to make the journey there and sell their products. Gems, pearls, cabachons, tools, raw stone, displays and much more is available for purchase.  Over 40 individual Shows are hosted during this 2 week period in February.

Pure insanity and pure FUN!

My purchases and treasures from the Tucson Fall Gem Show

The FALL show is much tamer, with only 3 shows choosing to participate. Most of the product line is beads, metals, pearls, cabachons and a scattering of tools, displays and rocks.

I really love attending this time of year. The crowds are fewer, making it easier to see what is available.

I was able to attend two of the shows in one day. This time I had my list and found everything on it… plus a few extra treasures. My purchases this year were malachite, (green stones) tigers eye, (brown/gold stones) copper and a piece of raw copper.

I was able to interact with 3 new suppliers and get information for purchases down the road. All in all a very pleasant experience.

To purchase my latest closeouts. (so I can make room for the NEW stuff) .. click here.

I would recommend this event to any designer who wants the substance without so much hassle.


  1. And you got to spend time with your WONDERFUL older sister…

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