Posted by: alenegeed | October 18, 2012

Ring Designs: Processes and My Evolution

I have found that my design process is changing constantly! This is so evident in my Ring collections. Creating a Signature Style for me is a process that I cannot shorten or rush through.

Early on I knew I wanted to create something of a snake design (inspired by a turquoise ring I have had for ages).  My first stab at it was a simple twisted shank with gemstone.

Like this!

While I love the look and design of this… it had it’s drawbacks. The soldered attachment to the ring was less stable since the stone was so much larger than the width of the shank. Also, the shank was flimsier than I preferred.

So I moved on to a stronger shank… and much closer to the snake design I had envisioned.
This Ring features the twisted shank with Arizona Turqoise gemstone. The shank is much stronger because of the additional ‘twist’ and the gemstone solder joint is larger and very sturdy. So I was content with this option, creating several styles with different gemstones. 
until…. One day I had the bright idea to attach the stone to the center of the ring, so that it was soldered to at least 2 twists of the shank.. And then I was hooked!

So far I have only made 3 rings this way. The first was a gift, the 2nd I am keeping for my personal collection and the 3rd style is available for sale on my web site.  Expect to see many more of this style. This is finally the collection I want to be one of my signature styles. 
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