Posted by: alenegeed | October 31, 2012

Inside the Mind of A Jewelry Designer- my book!

Any artist you speak with will likely tell you that they have no choice in creating their art, no matter the medium. They simply must.
Creating art is not a choice like other careers; it is a “calling” that dominates our waking moments and sometimes our sleep – it’s an obsession.
Since becoming a jewelry designer and experiencing for myself the complete joy and passion that it provides me, I have become fascinated with creativity and exploring inside the mind of a jewelry designer.
And so, this book, yet another creative endeavor, was born. I’ve discovered that the creative process that it takes to design a piece of jewelry is much the same as the process that it takes to design a life of purpose – the life that I’ve created due, in large part, to what I’ve learned in the creative process.I want to share my journey with you and give you the opportunity to experience this same joy and the absolute euphoria of living your passion and becoming the creative person you were meant to be!

My book ( I really still cannot BELIEVE I have a book published) is available on Amazon right now.  E-Book or Soft Cover. And if you are a PRIME member you can download the E- book for FREE!

Here are a few of the reviews. You can see more by clicking HERE.

This author has inspired me to find the passion for letting my creative side blossom again! Don’t t let the title fool you, it is a great book for anyone who needs some positive reinforcement in their life.  Naomi

This is a MUST READ if you are at a stage in life where you are questioning why you are here, as I have often questioned. If you are someone who has already discovered your “passion”, this book will enhance your experience. I also enjoyed the information about the different gems. I have several gem books (all good)….but none give the exact information that I was really interested in, like this book does. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book, to enhance jewelry knowledge and/or to perfect or connect yourself to your personal passion.  Melanie

When I saw the title, I expected a read that focused only on the creative process of the author’s jewelry line, but there was much more to it than that. This book is a complicated and revealing look at the author’s life journey which led her to becoming a jewelry designer at the peak of her conventional career, and an honest sharing of the life processes many of us experience on our own growth journeys… I am grateful for the privilege of reading about this very personal side of Alene Geed. Her revelations are inspiring to anyone, especially those of us who are creating a new life in mid-years. I especially enjoyed her descriptions of how her collections came to be named. A lovely read!  Hania

More details on my Book web site. Creative Jewelry Designer

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