Posted by: alenegeed | January 28, 2013

Jewelry Clasps; the bigger the better!

Ever since I can remember (long before I started designing jewelry for sure) I have been frustrated by the tiny clasps on jewelry.

How in heaven are we supposed to actually use these? Especially trying to hook these from the back of our neck.

It always resulted in moving the clasp to the front and eyeing the mechanism in the mirror… or having someone else put your necklace on for you!

So what happens if you are single (as I was much of my life?) Do you call a neighbor over? or wait to put on your necklace until you get to work?  silly, right?

I wonder, Who EVER thought that tiny clasps were a good idea?

clasps image

Once I started designing my own jewelry, I knew that larger, easy to use clasps were essential

Huge toggle clasps, Gigantic lobster clasps and easy to use hook clasps. are so much better.

The styles here are examples of what I use instead.

The clasps at the top are the typical smaller lobster clasps you see on most jewelry.

It really is such a simple adjustment to provide a clasp that works!  Yes, it adds a little to cost, since there is more material…. but what is an extra $2-$10 worth when you are dressing for an event and dont have to stress over such a minor thing as putting on your jewelry!


So next time you go to purchase jewelry, pay close attention to the clasp!

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  1. Thank you for giving me permission to use large clasps and toggles. I always make larger sizes but felt that they were out of proportion. I hate the smaller clasps and your are right on – why struggle when you can have bigger and better:O)

  2. thanks for your comment Sally. I have one or two gold necklaces (that I purchased years ago) and they still have the tiny clasp. I always have to have someone help me get them on. The larger clasps are SO Nice!

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