Posted by: alenegeed | February 3, 2013

My First ‘Talk’ about my book.

Friday nite I spoke to a group of jewelry designers at Harold Studio   in Phoenixharold studio

This was my first experience sharing my book with others (verbally that is) and it was so much FUN!

The event took place in the studio. So we were surrounded by jewelry benches, tools and other paraphernalia needed to work in metal.

I was a little nervous and did have a cheat sheet with a few notes.

Basically I covered an overview of the book; how I have created the balance in my life to allow this passion of mine to flourish without losing complete sight of the real world; and Why I wrote the book in the first place!

Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer

When I opened it up for questions… there were lots of them. The most intriguing one was “So what is next for you?”  I wasn’t sure how to answer either. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be a published author in 2013… I would have backed away slowly… and thought them a little nuts!

But 2013 is here and I have a book! What’s next? Who knows? All I can be sure of it that it will be something that excites and energizes me!

Thanks again to Johanna from Harold Studio for sharing her facility and publicizing the event. I made several new friends that night.. and look forward to more events such as this.

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  1. The first of many I am sure

  2. A well deserved evening of attention, Alene! You have worked hard for it. Best wishes for many more of these events!

  3. I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing your story. You inspired me to try a couple of new techniques in the studio. Thanks for sharing your evening with us.

    • thanks Susan. It was terrific meeting you, too. Have fun with your new-found passion!

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