Posted by: alenegeed | February 28, 2013

The Pisces Personality and Gemstone Connection

If you are a Pisces Astrological Sign, then you were born around this time of the year.  February 20-March 20 to be exact!

I’m not a Pisces but have known many in my lifetime. Artistic and Intuitive defines them well.  Do you hate the 9-5 job routine? Or any routine for that matter?    Well that type of environment does not suit you at all. And you live more from an emotional/feeling side than some of the rest of us.  Here is the great thing about Pisces in a nutshell. You are:



hate being the center of attention! 

 intuitive  and love-able


and Give without asking in return

What gemstones are associated with Pisces personalities?

Amethyst: Wearing this gemstone tends to strengthen your creative gifts. (of which you have many).


Amethyst and Copper Earrings

and help you organize your feelings so you can express them more easily.

This Rich Purple Quartz stone is so beautiful! It screams royalty, too!

Jade: Wearing this gemstone helps to open your soul to the beauty of life. The Jade earrings pictured here show both the darker green version and golden jade. Both are rich deep colors.

Jade Earrings

Jade Earrings

Agate: Wearing this gemstone gives you self confidence! Agate is prevalent in the USA and there are lots of variations. Make it a challenge to pick out the agate that feels right to you personally.

Agate Slab Necklace

Agate Slab Necklace


  1. I like this a lot… tying in the gem, the birthmonth etc.

  2. Amethyst is one of the best gemstone for pisces. The Pisces character is perfect with amethyst properties.Although there are many gems for pisces, but only amethyst is the best for those who have this zodiac sign. see more at

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