Posted by: alenegeed | March 7, 2013

Tools of the Trade; Mini electric sander and filer.

mini sander toolI received this neat tool as a Christmas gift from my husband.

Since he cannot buy me jewelry anymore (as I design and create my own) he got creative and bought me something that could shorten some of my processes.

How cool is that!

This hand held tool comes with several grades of sand paper and a few mini files as well.

What a time saver for many of my designs! I love using the coarser grade sandpaper option when creating my copper cuffs.

Once the sawing and fold forming techniques are done, what is left normally is some rougher edges to smooth out.

Sacred Spiral Design bracelet

Sacred Spiral Design bracelet

This cuff has gone through the first processes, but is still rough around the outside rim. If left this way, it will scratch the wearer when she attempts to slip it on her wrist. And of course that is not acceptable at all!

Previously I would have hand filed this down, starting with coarser files, moving to coarser sandpaper and finally to finer sandpaper. This process could take as long as an hour for ONE cuff! Now it takes 15 minutes or less.

That leaves me time for the more fun processes, like designing, adding patina and finding the perfect wrist for the finished piece.

The tool is available at MicroMark . They also have LOTS of unusual tools for many creative endeavors.

See finished cuffs designs at Alenes Adornments


  1. A terrific gift for you and timesaver.

  2. Portable, too? Great for shows and workshops then. Do you have a Foredom Flexshaft yet? On/Off/Speed controlled by your foot.

    • thanks Jane
      I also have a dremel that I use. It does not have the foot pedal but otherwise is working great for me. I am getting ready to purchase the newest Dremel version.

  3. […] Tools of the Trade; Mini electric sander and filer. […]

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