Posted by: alenegeed | March 9, 2013

Remember to Look Back Occasionally

There have been times recently when I have questioned my progress and gotten frustrated when results I want have not been as quick to manifest.

One particular day last week, I expressed these  feelings to my husband.

remember to look back

He encouraged me, of course… but more than that he provided me with an amazing analogy that helped tremendously.

In his earlier days, Bill was an avid hiker. He traversed much of Arizona on foot. During these hikes he gained a perspective that applies to virtually every life experience.

Often the hike lasted 8-9 hours a day… and the destination seemed distant. That is when he took the time to look back and see just how far he had walked already! That encouraged him to keep moving forward and lifted his spirits tremendously.

With this in mind I started ‘looking back’ on my creative journey and all that has transpired since I first woke up one day and discovered that I was bursting with creative energies that would not be denied.

I began with simple beading projects… including the memory wire bracelets. They were fun to make but weren’t enough to keep me challenged. Then I found metal work, took classes, took more classes, designed more jewelry, created a unique web site, joined social media groups, and finally published my book last year.   Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer.

After reflecting on all this, I realized how far I had come, too!  And I’m not finished yet.

Take time to reflect on your own journey. It will do wonders to propel you forward!!


  1. I love Dr. Seuss too. I read it to my kids, and am now reading it to my grandkids. I also collected agates at one time. I see you work with those. Where do you get them? – Cathy

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