Posted by: alenegeed | March 25, 2013

Pinterest and Blogging

I have finally figured out how to post my blogs on Pinterest!

This is such exciting news for someone so ‘social media challenged’

With the help of a Social Media Guru   (OK, she’s not really a guru… more of a goddess) I learned how to make these blogs come alive and have them read by my Pinterest followers.

I hired Hania Whitfield  about a year ago to consult with me on several matters. Back then, when Pinterest was just new, she indicated that I should make this part of my marketing strategy.

It was the perfect way to highlight my jewelry designs… plus Pinterest is lots of fun.

The first time I played around with the site… several hours passed before I realized it.

I love playing around with all the Social Media options of course, but have found that each one has it’s own learning curve and takes many hours/days to utilize in the best manner possible. That is where Hania helped out so much. She cut through a lot of the ‘learning curve’ time and advised me on the best options for me to market my designs.

Adding the actual blog post was easier than I thought…. once someone gave me instructions.

Check out my Pinterest Page and let me know what you think.   And if you need your own consulting for this type of service, contact Hania.

You can thank me later!

Here are some of the blogs I have on Pinterest so far.

Melanie Earrings

Melanie Earrings

Malachite earrings

Green – the color for 2013

Breaths we Take

The Breaths we take


  1. Thank you, Alene – and you have been a wonderful client! I love how you always take the ball and run with it. Now keep using what you learned 😉 Best wishes and success to you, Hania

  2. Enjoying your blog.

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