Posted by: alenegeed | April 4, 2013

Onyx: Legends and Fascinating Facts

This is one of my Favorite stones! While most think onyx is a black stone… this is far from true.

Most of the solid black onyx you see has been dyed to cover up the inclusions.

The slab shown here is from my stone soup collection. You can see the white and tan inclusions clearly. To me, this is what makes this semi precious stone so beautiful……….……..

Onyx Stone Slab Necklace

 The name onyx comes from the Greek word ‘onux’ meaning claw or nail.

Legend has is that Venus, while sleeping, had her fingernails cut by Cupid. He left the clippings scattered on the ground. Since no part of a heavenly body can die, the gods turned them into stone… which is now known as Onyx!

Onyx is part of the quartz family a sister to agates and you can easily see the resemblance when seeing these onyx glasses. Almost no black at all in these. Just gorgeous tones of caramel, and gold.

onyx glasses

Since Onyx is a harder gemstone, it is great for making jewelry.. It can be used in rings or bracelets without fear of the wearer chipping the stone. That’s what makes it so versatile and great to use in designs. It is also used in carved cameos.

The healing uses of onyx date back thousands of years. This gemstone treated eye disorders in the 1300’s.  Onyx is said to deflect negative energy and enhance inner harmony.

Check out more Onyx jewelry designs at Alenes Adornments.

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