Posted by: alenegeed | May 19, 2013

Evolution of a Jewelry Collection

Most of my designs have become collections and each has special meaning to me. In the beginning I was drawn to everything shiny, metal and pretty.

As my skills developed, I began seeing patterns into what resonated with me.  Sometimes this was a simple as absolutely loving a particular stone or design and creating a collection around that.  Other times it was about a story or event in my life that affected me personally. I wanted to recreate the feelings in a design
Either way, a Collection is now the primary way I design.
Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer …  (my book about my journey into creativity) goes into more detail on each of my collections… highlighting processes used and photos.

My newest passion is working with geometric designs! I have always incorporated much of this in my work… but now I have gone off the deep end and am loving it !!

Geo Design pendant

Geo Copper Earrings

Here are two of the designs I have created so far… starting out with a square and creating triangles with different finishes.

the pendant to the right features copper with sterling silver fused into the metal. The bottom piece has a peanut oil patina. The black and copper contrast is amazing!  

The earrings use the same sterling silver for one component and heat patina for the 2nd component.

These designs are brand new and not yet available for sale… but give me a few weeks. More designs are in the works as well.

To view my current collections… Make A Difference , Stone Soup Legend, Pure Metal, and Sacred Spiral

Click on the collection name to be re-routed to my web site.

I would love your feedback on these new designs and on your own collection ideas (for future designs)



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