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Person of Interest: Johanna Ingram

Here’s my newest Person of Interest… highlighting people who are following their dream and living their passion.

Johanna Ingram is the Owner of Harold Studio, located in downtown Phoenix Arizona.

Johanna photolinelogoHarold Studio is a hands on Jewelry Studio offering classes for all levels of Designers and ‘I want to Make Something Pretty’ Beginners!

Johanna, How did your business begin and How did you decide upon the name Harold Studio?

The business began 3 years ago. Johanna was working for a jewelry manufacturer and was dreaming of a place where she could work on her own designs.  
Harold Studio is named after Johanna’s late Grandpa Harold. He encouraged Her to pursue jewelry making and even bought her first pair of earrings. Harold kept buying her pieces, giving them to the grandchildren as gifts for the Holidays. Grandpa Harold died in 2010 and his name was the only possible choice when it came to naming her studio.

How do you market your business?

Online marketing is the main form of marketing. Johanna continues to post photos on her blog and Facebook page. She highlights what her students have made. It gives potential new students a chance to see what they can create when they sign up for a class!

What drives you to continue in the direction of your dream?

Johanna has never started a day thinking ‘Gee, I wish I didn’t have to go to work today’. She realizes that .. even with the ups and downs of business life… she is lucky to have created a business where everyone is happy and excited to enter her studio and even more elated when they leave with their own creations.

Successes to share?

Being asked to Speak at the Society of North American Goldsmiths  (SNAG) conference last year… Quite an honor!
Celebrating the ONE Year Anniversary (TODAY) of running the studio Full-Time.

Best Advice when it comes to building your business and following your dream?

What is put out there doesn’t have to be perfect right now. Just get it out there, see if it is something the public wants and then keep improving it.  (I LOVE THIS)

Do you have passions not related to your Studio?

Running!  It’s a great feeling and something Johanna cannot live without for long

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  1. What a dream come true…fabulous!! I don’t even know what I want to achieve in the world of making jewelry. I just want to learn new skills and be true to myself…continue my passion and see where it leads me. This story was certainly an inspiration….thank you!

  2. Reblogged this on Unique handmade designs.

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  4. […] you enjoyed this post… you may enjoy   Person of Interest; Johanna Ingram […]

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