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The Leo Personality plus Gemstones for your sign

Zodiac_sign_Leo redLeo, the Lion is the symbol for you lucky people born between July 23 and August 22.

The lion symbolizes strength (of course), but also confidence, pride and vitality.

If you are a Leo, then you are probably the center of attention in most gatherings. And you love it! You are charming, self assured, ambitious and generous.  In fact, when faced with routine, you will just create your own excitement.  Wow! What a combination of stellar qualities.
Now for the bad news. (not really bad per se, just less complimentary) OK, you know who you are… You can be stubborn  and take the admiration and attention to the extreme. 
But once you realize this, you can regain your balance and become the encouraging mentor and leader you were born to be!

Now for the fun part.. What gemstones are considered important for your sign?

Chrysocolla and Cuprite Gemstone


Chrysocolla:  a blend of turquoise, cuprite and iron… is formed around copper. The color combinations are endless!
Tigers Eye: one of my favorite stones.  This gemstone gets it’s name because of it’s resemblance to an eye.   TheTiger Eye Copper Cuff golden inclusions in the brown, when cut properly will give the illusion of a cat’s eye.  This is also a very soothing stone.

Other gemstones for your sign?

Larimar A gorgeous aqua stone found in the Caribbean

Diamond – Lucky You!   (did you know that diamond comes from the Greek word ‘adamas’ meaning unbreakable?

Amber (which is actually fossilized tree resin)

Hope you enjoyed this overview of the LEO Personality.

Here is wishing all Leo’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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